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James Finn
James Finn
EMF, Sleep, and GERD Consultant
EMF Consultants

At EMF Consultants, we test and reduce the size and intensity of all electromagnetic fields in your environment which have a direct and proven effect on your health. Because of our dense population and abundance of electromagnetic fields, everyone living in NYC has too much exposure to this harmful energy. Maintaining a normal body voltage promotes more life force energy, the proper function of the pineal gland, ensures normal production of melatonin and the proper regrowth and regeneration of every cell in our bodies. Reducing the EMFs in your home or office should be considered as essential as basic hygiene. With reduced exposure, you will become more energetic, calmer, sleep better, think clearer, heal faster, and grow stronger and healthier. Proven adverse health effects from EMFs include cancer, neurological disease, infertility, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, and more. Most diseases have been proven to accelerate in high electromagnetic fields.

Besides EMF testing, we offer an 8-week Digestive System Reboot Program as a solution to GERD, A.K.A. acid reflux disease. This program works because of groundbreaking research in cellular biology regarding acid/alkaline pH and cellular voltage.  Using nothing but Earth's natural resources, this program helps restore the bacterial balance in the gut and restore friendly bacterial strains (gut microbiota) that were destroyed. It also eliminates parasites, fosters the replacement of the gut mucosa, and promotes the production of HCL to normal function. After 8-weeks, the liver is completely regenerated and detoxified, the gut is regenerated and functioning properly, and you look and feel younger.

EMF Services include:
  1. Testing EMF (electromagnetic fields) and implementing solutions in homes and businesses
  2. Testing and reducing EMI (electromagnetic interference) in computer stations, thus promoting smoother functioning of programs and users' health.
  3. Testing new automobiles, tools, and appliances
  4. Testing water systems to ensure that the plumbing is not electrified and dangerous.
  5. Helping to restore a normally functioning digestive system
  6. Helping to restore normal sleep function
The beginnings of this very unique and unusual business began with James' personal struggle with acid reflux disease (GERD) and insomnia. After suffering for over a decade and having tried just about everything known to both Western and Eastern Medicines, James studied anatomy, cellular biology, nutrition, and environmental toxicity. He doesn't claim to hold any medical certifications or licenses to practice medicine, so he, therefore, encourages his clients to consult with their own doctor or those medical professionals who have partnered with EMF Consultants, before acting upon any natural healing suggestions.

Years of scientific probing and research eventually led to his own self-healing of both the acid reflux disease and insomnia - as well as successfully solving these issues for dozens of friends, family members, and neighbors. As his reputation grew, he decided to embark on what has now become EMF Consultants.

James is a native New Yorker who received an M.A. summa cum laude from The Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, in 1991. He is an award-winning saxophonist and composer who performed on Quincy Jones' T.V. show in Hollywood, performed at Royal Albert Hall in London with Ben Harper, and won Time Out NYC's TOP 10 Live Performance of the Year (2005.) He continues to perform virtuosic classical flute concerts through his wife's charity, Concerts in Motion which brings uplifting music to the homebound of NYC.

His studies into electricity, acoustics, and sound engineering began in the late Eighties which later included tutelage with Michael Neuert, a
 mechanical engineer and licensed electrician, and studies through the EMF Center, Santa Rosa, California. 

Tel.: 212.595.7123
Email: emfconsultants@gmail.com
Website: www.emfnyc.com

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