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October 30, 2019
Five Blocks Inc.
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November 6, 2019
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David Sachs
November 13, 2019
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Featured Speaker on 10.23.2019

Joseph Gordon
Joseph Gordon
Court Reporters & Videographers
TSG Reporting

Joe Gordon serves as VP of Sales for TSG Reporting, Inc, a full service court reporting company.

TSG services our clients by providing stenographers and videographers for our clients nationwide and worldwide.

Joe has been with TSG for over 10 years and, prior to TSG, spent 8 years working as a litigation case manager at a large law firm in New York. Having worked on both sides of the client/vendor relationship has provided Joe a great understanding of client needs and how they need to be met.

In his current position, Joe is responsible for the training and management of the nationwide sales force as well as maintaining and growing his book of business.

Joseph received his Bachelor of Arts from American University in 1994, Law & Society major. He is married, has two sons and lives in Manhattan - as he has for the last 20 years.

Tel.: 212.702.9580
Email: jgordon@tsgreporting.com
Website: www.tsgreporting.com

"It’s easier to explain price once than to apologize for quality forever."

Zig Ziglar