About Us

At Chapter One, we have grown from 14 to 50+ members in just a few short years.

We have been recognized as “Best Regional Retention Chapter,” with many of our members celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries. Our referrals are like currency, and at Chapter One we are printing this currency with an average closing rate of over 70%. Those are our stats, but to experience who we are - our caring leadership, camaraderie, rousing motivational moments, meaningful introductions, shared passions for what we do and how we help one another - come see for yourself! We welcome all guests, from New York, nationally, and internationally, especially now that we are temporarily meeting virtually.

Our Executive Team

Roy Fenichel
Vice President: Jay Zimner
Treasurer: Michael Goldfine, CPA
Secretary: Peter Hein
Membership Committee: Abby Friedman, Chuck Chernick, David Goldstein, David Sachs, Davida Perry, Joe Gordon, Stephanie Wilson
Design & Creative Strategy: Wayne Wolf
Technology: Thomas West
Digital Content & Social Media: Jennifer Mirsky
Photography: Brett Deutsch
Speakers of the House:  Tori Cohen, Margaret Enloe, Stephanie Wilson
Lead Guest Host: Tom Costagliola
Guest Host Committee: Christopher Milazzo, Stavros Sitinas, Wayne Wolf, Larry Patterson, Margaret Enloe

Events Committee: Abby Friedman, Peter Hein, Neil Burstein