New laws and policies impacting U.S. residential real estate

Recorded at our January 17, 2024 virtual meeting: our residential real estate agents comment on the new laws and policies affecting real estate broker commissions, interest rates, and how brokers do business in their local markets.

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Scott Harris [request 1on1] - Manhattan above 34th Street, New York
Aaron Mazor [request 1on1] - Manhattan below 34th Street, New York
Paul Hyun [request 1on1] - Brooklyn, New York
Aaron Kass and Geoffrey Weiss [request 1on1] - Bronx, New York
Scott Petersohn [request 1on1] - Long Island, Hamptons, New York
Julie Alcée [request 1on1] - Westchester, New York
Tom Costagliola [request 1on1] - New Jersey
Stephanie Bettancourt [request 1on1] - Connecticut
Melora Love [request 1on1] - senior loan officer

Jay Zimner, Esq. [request 1on1] hosts the discussion in the presence of other regional and national real estate professionals.

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