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Thought Leadership - Jason Rodriguez

Fitness is a struggle between pleasure and pain.

Jason began his career in the financial services industry after receiving his degree in Economics from Stonybrook University and working for some of the top banks in the world.

He quickly realized he wasn't nearly as passionate about banking as he was about fitness. That's when he decided to attend The American Academy of Personal Training. Shortly after graduating and getting certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine he founded his company Fitness Journeys NYC.

Since 2005 Jason has followed his dream and has grown Fitness Journeys into the successful business it is today. He enables clients to get the convenience of a great workout in the comfort of their own home, building gyms, or at his convenient location at 120 East 57th street.

Jason approaches every client differently doing an in depth analysis of their health history, goals, and what motivates them to make meaningful changes in their life. He also assesses his clients monthly so they get results which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Jason ensures his clients grow stronger, healthier, lose unwanted pounds, and most importantly have fun throughout the process. He knows a fitness Journey doesn't always move in a straight line, but he's there every step of the way to ensure they get to their fitness destination.